Forging a Solution to Environmental AMR in Kenya

A Sandpit Event held with the University of Nairobi

The UKRI-funded ‘Addressing Livestock-derived Antimicrobial pollution in the Nairobi River in Kenya’ project has the pleasure of inviting you to an engineering sandpit on Wednesday 17 March from 8:00am to midday (UK time). Please see the agenda below for more information about each session. Participants are not required to attend the whole event but can select individual sessions. The event will be hosted by the University of Nairobi. The event is free to attend and open to everyone with an interest in the topic, but registration for online attendance is required.


The interdisciplinary sandpit will bring together Kenyan and international policymakers with experts in engineering, public health, toxicology, environmental and social science. The event will facilitate interactive peer discussions and knowledge exchange to explore local expertise for construction, installation, testing and maintenance of an innovative filter made from materials that are readily available in Kenya. We will explore solutions to enable their effective application to the local context.


‘Addressing Livestock-derived Antimicrobial pollution in the Nairobi River in Kenya’ is an interdisciplinary project lead by Principal Investigator Professor Claire Heffernan and the Royal Veterinary College, in collaboration with the University of Nairobi. Together with its partners –  KMFRI, Vetworks EA, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, City University of London and the University of York – the project aims to reduce livestock-sourced antimicrobial contamination in the Nairobi River. More information about the project is available on UKRI’s website and in this video.


AGENDA (Download here: Sandpit Agenda)


Agenda Lead Kenya time UK time
Start Finish Start Finish
Registration at Kenya venue Tea/Coffee


Mr. Nderitu 10:00 11:00 07:00 08:00
Welcome and Introductions @ Venue


Dr. Nduhiu 11:00 11.15 08:00 08:15
Introduction to project and Sandpit Online


Prof. Heffernan 11.15 11.25 08:15 08:25
Nairobi River Pollution – current status: Mapped pollution hotspots


Dr. Simon Kihu 11.25 11.35 08:25 08:35
Antimicrobials in our waterbodies


Dr. Allan 11:35 11:45 08:35 08:45
Success Story + brief Q&A Online


Dr Alastair 11:45 12:15 08:45 09:15
Filter development project + brief Q&A


Dr Naher/Prof Grattan 12:15 12:45 09:15 09:45
Panel Discussion


Panel Members 12:45 13:00 09:45 10:00


13:00 13:45 10:00 10:45
Breakup for Group Discussions


13:45 13:50 10:45 10:50
Group 1 – Policy


Nancy 13:50 14:20 10:50 11:20
Group 2 – Technology


Dr. Muthumbi
Back to Plenary


14:20 14:25 11:20 11:25
Group 1 Feedback


14:25 14:35 11:25 11:35
Group 2 Feedback


14:35 14:45 11:35 11:45
Clarifications on Group presentation & Way forward


Prof. Heffernan 14.45 15.05 11:45 12:05


Dr. Nduhiu 15.05 12:05

Event details

When: 17 March, 2021 - 8:00 am

Where: Online