India Team


Radhika Madhari, Theme Lead - Nutrition (Diet and Anthropometry)

As the in country theme lead for India, Radhika is responsible for the overall work related to diet and nutritional anthropometry

Rajender Rao Kalashikam, Theme Lead (Epigenetics)

As theme lead of Epigenetics and Gut Microbiome in India, Rajender Rao will be responsible for the overall coordination and laboratory analysis in India



Sylvia Fernandez Rao, Theme lead -Cognition and Early Cild Development Lead

Sylvia will be responsible for coordination of assemments of cognition and maternal well being

Raghu Pullakhandam, Theme Lead - Nutritional Biochemistry

As theme Lead of Biochemsitry, Raghu will be responsible overall coordination and laboratory analysis in India.


SubbaRao M Gavaravarapu, Theme Lead - Shared Values

SubbaRao leads the Shared Values component of the Hub activity in India. He would co-ordinate the qualitative research team engaged in this elicitation approach

Teena Dasi,  Theme Lead for Gut Enteropathogens/Parasitology

As theme lead for gut enteropathogens/parasitology, Teena will be responsible for overall coordination and laboratory analysis. She would also contribute to the gut microbiome work.


Ravindranadh Palika, Team Member - Nutritional Biochemistry

Ravi supports Nutritional Biochemistry work in India

Naveen Kumar R, Home Environment

Naveen will support the Home Environment workstream.