Anna Milanowicz

Institution: University College London, United Kingdom

Workpackage: Cognition and Education


Focus of research:

The objective of Anna’s research is to conceptualise and profile the cognitive development and learning environments of young children, with a particular focus on those experiencing stunting, in Indonesia, India, and Senegal

IMG_6479 - Anna Milanowicz

Anna is a postdoctoral research associate who is currently based at the Department of Psychology and Human Development and the Department of Learning and Leadership at UCL IOE. She joined the Action Against Stunting Hub and UCL in March 2022, having previously worked for Global Affairs Canada. Anna’s academic training includes a PhD and MA in Psychology, as well as an MA in Linguistics. She is fluent in five languages, namely English, French, Russian, Italian, and Polish. In addition, Anna is a member of Women in International Security.

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