Barbara Haesler

United Kingdom

Institution: Royal Veterinary College, UK

Workpackage: Food Systems


Focus of research:

Livestock and fish food system change and the implications of such change in terms of foodborne and zoonotic diseases, food and nutrition security, animal health, and sustainability.


Barbara Häsler is a Senior Lecturer in Agrihealth at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). She is a veterinary researcher with expertise in livestock and fish food systems, economics applied to animal health / One Health, and evaluation. She holds a veterinary medicine degree, a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology and economics, and a PhD in economics applied to animal health. Since 2008, she has been working on a range of projects focusing on foodborne and zoonotic diseases and their surveillance and control as well as livestock food systems and One Health. She is interested in transdisciplinary approaches to understand relevant dynamics in food systems and to identify systemic solutions. She is a member of several interdisciplinary research consortia working on food systems and is the local lead person for the programme Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning, a cross-university learning initiative.

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