Indriya Laras Pramesthi


Institution: SEAMEO RECFON, Indonesia

Workpackage: Nutrition


Focus of research:

Dietary assessment, food-based intervention, linear programming, local food-based recommendation, bioavailability, and food environment.

ILP - Indriya Laras Pramesthi

Indriya Laras Pramesthi, M.Nutrition is an academic staff at SEAMEO Regional Center for Food and Nutrition (RECFON) at the Universitas Indonesia since 2015. She pursued her Master Degree in Community Nutrition (2014) from SEAMEO RECFON Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia and her bachelor degree from Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia (2011). She has done several nutritional surveys including surveys on dietary intake and physical activity of pregnant women with and without risk of chronic energy deficiency in Central Lombok, and surveys on nutritional status and its determinants amongst under-two children in urban slum and rural settings areas. She is currently involved in research related to the use of linear/goal programming approach to develop and evaluate local specific food-based recommendations as well as community development in the field of nutrition.

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