Sari Kusuma

Institution: SEAMEO RECFON, Indonesia

Workpackage: Gut Health, Parasitology, Microbiome


Focus of research:

Maternal-child gut microbiome – immunonutrition, prebiotics – probiotics, local food-based recommendation, nutrition education and health promotion

sari_kusuma - sari kusuma

Sari Kusuma is a nutritionist based in Jakarta, Indonesia and has an acute interest in the field of maternal and child’s gut microbiome and immunonutrition. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nutrition, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Biomedical Science in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia. She is also involved in the curriculum/module development and training on the development of local-specific food-based recommendation using linear programming as well as nutrition care process for community.

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