Women at work: Meet the Hub’s field champions

Published: 7th March 2020

Women at work: Meet the Hub’s field champions

On International Women’s Day, the Hub wants to celebrate the women that work behind the scenes to help alleviate child undernutrition. On Lombok in Indonesia, Husna, Trisna, Tami, Yuli, Sriani, Ayu and Diyan are the enumerators that contribute to tackle stunting by collecting data and samples from families.


Enumerators: The bridge between families and researchers

The hub’s ambitious goal of ending stunting will require a constant field presence in Senegal, India and Indonesia, and active participation of families, for a period of two years. Enumerators play a crucial role in this work.

The work of an enumerator is manifold. A core task is to visit families to measure and record the weight and height/length of infants and adults, skinfolds, as well as the length and circumference of their arms. The Hub’s enumerators also measure infants’ head circumference and knee-heal length. As the project progresses, the enumerators will go on to provide hair and blood samples of the people that take part in the study.

However, they will not only collect collecting crucial data, they will also act as advocates for the cause. In the long run, they will be empowered and trained to give information to the families and mothers. Enumerators will also approach sensitive cases and recognise mental health issues and share their knowledge to help the community end stunting.



Mindset and confidence to learn and find balance

Husna, Tami, Trisna all graduated from the local Poltekkes Mataram, where they majored in nutrition. Husna, who is from Central Lombok and belongs to the Sasak tribe, has previously been an enumerator in projects related to malnutrition and stunting. Yuli also has experience in other projects on stunting as an enumerator.

Sriani graduated in nutrition in 2014 from Brawijaya University. She defines herself as a hard-working person with an optimistic attitude who never gives up! Ayu and Diyan are both thrilled to start this new challenge.


What does the job as an enumerator for the Hub mean for you?   

Sri: “Becoming an enumerator/field supervisor is really my soul. I will certainly improve my knowledge and experience by being a field supervisor for the Hub, and I will be able to share this with the community. I hope to contribute to overcoming the problem of stunting.”

Trisna: “Becoming an enumerator in the UK Action Against Stunting is an amazing opportunity. There are exciting responsibilities and tasks to complete in the long run that have never been accomplished before.”


Why did you choose to work for this project?  

Husna: “Because I am very interested in the research topic where the activity focuses on stunting and involves many parties and experts from various countries. The research is very different from other studies. The enumerators are not just employed, but they are amply trained in nutrition, even by teachers coming from abroad.”

Yuli: “This project is something that I can be proud of. It’s not just about collecting data; it is useful and can help others.”

Tami: “Because I want to get experience and share my knowledge with the community. I hope I can share positivity and that it can be useful for us.”


What are the biggest challenges for the women of our generation?  

Ayu: “The environment that often considers that women’s duties are at home.”

Husna: “A woman’s challenge lies in her own mindset. With the right mindset and confidence in our abilities, we can continue learning and pursue our careers without leaving our commitments to be a good mother, a good wife and a good child.”

Tami: “In my opinion, the first challenge is about how to change society’s understanding of gender equality. The second is how a woman can be balancing between career and family, and also herself.”

Trisna: “Women can be too scared to accept the risks of taking new steps as an opportunity.”


What are your plans for the future? 

Sri: “I plan to continue my education in the future. I also want to improve my English skills and I want to pursue a career while being a mother for my child and a wife for my beloved husband.”

Yuli: “I want to contribute to my area, especially around my residence in stunting prevention.”

Diyan: “In the future, I want to be of benefit to others.”